Understanding the Margin of Safety Formula

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The margin of safety formula provides a way for investors to calculate a safe price at which to buy a security. This method derives from the value investing school of thought. According to value investing principles, stocks have an intrinsic value and a market value. Intrinsic value is the price they ought to be trading […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to DeFi

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The future is here, and while the flying cars that were promised haven’t arrived yet, the finance world is speeding full-force into the future with everything from wireless payment apps on our phones to entirely decentralized finance systems. Decentralized finance, known as DeFi for short, is a fundamentally new financial system that moves monetary control […]

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Investing With the Business Cycle

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A “business cycle” refers to the periodic expansion and contraction of a nation’s economy. Also known as an “economic cycle,” it tracks the different stages of growth and decline in a country’s gross domestic product, or economic activity. Business-cycle investing is not an exact science and past performance isn’t indicative of future returns. Investors can […]

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